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We are a family with lifelong farming in our blood. 


Over the past 40 years our main crop has been Cranberries. We have long appreciated the health benefits of the cranberry and have been proud to provide this powerful little fruit to families around New England and beyond.  Recently however, we have been captivated by the amazing stories surrounding the hemp plant, and the miraculous changes people have seen in their lives. After experiencing these benefits firsthand, learning specifically about the cannabinoids contained within, our drive to be part of this journey in discovering what this plant can do was solidified.  


One important factor in this decision, was the opportunity to offer a high-quality product that is locally grown. With the Hemp Farming Act of 2018 incorporated into the US Farm Bill of the same year, we worked hard to add hemp to our harvest.  We were licensed in 2019 by the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture to grow and process industrial hemp.  And now, as Big Rock Acres. LLC, it is our hope to share what we have learned, and to help others realize the potential of this plant, and how it can benefit them personally. 

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